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Wada says hi

Hello swaggers. I am Brightest Star. I live in Star Jaya/ Star Town. Call me Wada. 13 years old. Sam Tsui - Greyson Chance - Zayn Malik - Selena Gomez - Cody Simpson - Ariana Grande- Megan Nicole - One Direction - Demi Lovato. I-love-to-talk.

CandyCollinArynxxIzzatiNajihahMunifahahaIzatie NabilaShahirah ShukriAjaiFarah Hannis
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 @ 6:12 PM

Admit it, you facebook stalk him.You visit his page everyday to see what’s new.You silently freak out when you see girls write on his wall & you check what he says back to them.You keep refreshing your ”Online Friends” to see if he’s online.You look at all his photos even you’ve seen them a million times.
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